Using customer data to send personalised offers, in a secure and attractive ongoing campaign.


Tesco is Britain’s leading supermarket with over 3,000 stores and over 310,000 colleagues. Central to Tesco’s success is Clubcard, a highly effective customer loyalty programme which rewards customers and allows Tesco to understand customer behaviour and tailor its offers to its customers through data insight. The principle mechanism for customers to receive their Clubcard vouchers is through their Clubcard Statement. This is mailed to customers every quarter and contains personalised vouchers and coupons, a statement summary and inspiration on how to spend their vouchers. The Clubcard Statement Manager explains, “The Clubcard Statement is about rewarding customers for their loyalty and shopping with Tesco. It is a personalised ‘thank you’ mailing containing cash vouchers and relevant coupons on products they buy. It is important it is a tangible thank you, which is why we send this to customers through the post. Although we do use email, we feel direct mail allows us to emotionally engage with our customers”.


It is vital that the Clubcard Statement presents information to customers in a simple, clear and easily accessible way. The client continues, “The format of the Clubcard Statement is really important. From the moment it lands on doorsteps we want customers to easily pick out their statement amongst all other mail. Once customers open their statement, the first thing they do is tear out their vouchers and coupons.

“We have to ensure we present the information and personalised vouchers/coupons to make it easy for them to access and use.”


Working together, Tesco and Go Inspire Solutions, ensure the Clubcard Statement is the right format for the job. “Go Inspire Solutions are always there with new ideas. They help us to get the design right and make sure the mailing works. Whatever we are trying to achieve with the mailing,Go Inspire Solutions help us get there” said the client. New format ideas are discussed and test runs are used to trial different ideas. There are 11 different Statement types and up to 50 number of permutations based on voucher value and customer type. It is imperative the statements are produced accurately and securely. The client continues, “Clubcard is extremely high profile. It is using customer data which is highly confidential and sending customer vouchers which have monetary value. We have to use a company that is secure, safe and trustworthy which is why we use Go Inspire Solutions”. Good account management is essential. “Go Inspire Solutions are fantastic to work with. They are consistent, honest, reliable and really down to earth. Communication is definitely one of their strong points but they have all the right qualities you want from a printer and more. They have a great understanding of our business and what we are looking to achieve each Statement and because of this and their expert knowledge they provide mutually beneficial solutions to our challenges”.


The client confirms, “Clubcard Statement is incredibly successful. It is warmly welcomed by our customers and encourages them to visit our stores. We see market leading redemption rates and a significant sales contribution”.