An integrated offline/online campaign for over 2 million people, growing crucial donations for this fantastic charity.




Direct Mail Campaign


Response Rate

Go Inspire proposed a fun and innovative ‘coin card’ direct mail campaign to the PDSA that allowed their supporters to insert 3 pound coins into 3 pre-cut holes and to then simply return this donation to the PDSA. The campaign was sent out to over 2 million recipients and proved to be a success with a response rate of nearly 2%, which is high for the charity sector. However, the surprise result of the campaign was that it went viral as supporters decided to share pictures of their completed coin cards across social media.

Go Inspire also created an online response mechanism to complement this campaign, producing an interactive online version of the coin card where supporters could move virtual coins into the card holes, thereby donating in real time and reducing the cost and risk of returning a physical coin card. This would also enable us to capture the data of new supporters and simultaneously update the data and contact preferences of existing supporters, a key motivational factor for PDSA.

Having sourced the domain and received sign off from PDSA we were given just 3 weeks to build and test a functional donation site. The limited time frame was stipulated by PDSA and was a real challenge given the many key tests that had to be undertaken, but we were able to meet their requirements.

The design allowed supporters to move up to 5 virtual pound coins onto their card and then donate that amount using either a card payment or their PayPal account. After donating they received a confirmation email that also gave PDSA additional marketing scope.

The campaign itself was a mixture of a 800,000 door drop direct mail campaign and 65,000 direct mail cards complete with an information leaflet and business reply envelope. For the door drops we created a generic version of the portal, but for the direct mail cards we created a PURL driven version where each recipient received their own URL (e.g. and unique password. The page was fully personalised and pre-populated with the supporter’s data to make completing the form as simple as possible.

The benefits of using this combination of online and offline to increase donations are clear. The online portal helped incrementally entice a younger demographic who may not have previously donated, while keeping the traditional offline version kept existing supporters happy. Both versions ensured that solid data was captured to facilitate future marketing campaigns.